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Ganga Aarti

Rishikesh's Blissful Ganga Aarti

By Shubhankar Pandey
Published October 30,2023

A Spiritual Spectacle

Ganga Aarti is a captivating and spiritually enriching ritual that draws countless believers to the sacred town of Rishikesh. The mesmerizing sight of devotees worshiping the holy river Ganga is nothing short of heartwarming. This ancient tradition has the power to physically unite hundreds of people and spiritually connect with thousands more, creating a profound sense of harmony and devotion.

The Tradition of Ganga Aart

Ganga Aarti is a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in the cultural and spiritual heritage of India. It is a daily ritual that takes place at various ghats along the banks of the holy Ganges River, with Rishikesh being one of the most renowned locations for this mesmerizing spectacle. The aarti is performed with great devotion, precision, and a sense of reverence.



Rishikesh offers a diverse array of locations where the Ganga Aarti is performed, each with its unique charm and significance. Apart from the well-known Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan, another prominent spot for this sacred ritual is the Triveni Ghat. Triveni Ghat holds special importance as it is believed to be the confluence of three holy rivers – Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati.

Triveni Ghat Ganga Aarti


If you enjoy busy markets, music, places for dancing and chanting, and being part of a big crowd, then you should definitely check out the Triveni Ghat Ganga Aarti. It's the largest ghat in Rishikesh and they have a big prayer ceremony here every day. Triveni Ghat is really important in Hinduism – it's mentioned in ancient stories like the Ramayana and Mahabharata. There's also a special place here for Lord Shiva, and some people believe it's where Lord Krishna was cremated.

Timing: 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM in winter and 6.30 PM - 7.30 PM in summer

Location - Located just 1.5 kilometers away from the train station, it's easily accessible by taxi

Pramarth niketan


The Ganga Aarti conducted by Parmarth Niketan is widely renowned as one of the most iconic events to witness in Rishikesh. This breathtaking ritual unfolds right at the doorstep of Parmarth Niketan, making it highly accessible to visitors. Moreover, it's broadcasted live, enabling people from all around the world to partake in the spiritual atmosphere, even if they can't attend in person. The experience is nothing short of magical, fostering a profound sense of connection with the divine.

Timing: The Ganga Aarti begins at 6:00 PM and wraps up at 7:00 PM.

Location - Outside the main gate of Pramarth Nikethan.


The Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh is a truly remarkable experience that goes beyond religious boundaries and touches the hearts of all who witness it. Whether you're physically present or virtually connected, the ritual leaves a lasting impression of unity, devotion, and the eternal bond between the sacred river Ganga and the people it nourishes. It's an event that embodies the spiritual essence of India and serves as a testament to the enduring power of faith and community. If you ever find yourself in Rishikesh, don't miss the opportunity to witness this magnificent spectacle.